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With Eczema, a Dry skin is an Itchy Skin

Eczema is sometimes misunderstood. It is well known as a condition that causes skin to become dry, itchy, ashy and rough. But the effects of eczema go far beyond what the eyes can see. Because of the itching, uneven patches and broken skin, those with eczema may have trouble sleeping, they may struggle to concentrate on tasks, they may experience anxiety around being seen with eczema or live in fear of a sudden attack.

It is also important to correct some of the misconceptions around eczema; Eczema is not contagious, it is not a fungal infection, it affects both adults and children and it doesn’t result from poor hygiene. Managing eczema therefore isn’t just a matter of clearing skin, it is also about improving quality of life.

Managing Eczema

Eczema is characterised by dry skin, but the resulting itch is so much more uncomfortable. This is why a lot of eczema creams concentrate on controlling the itching. However, according to one of our dermatologists, Dr.Malik, “A dry skin, is an itchy skin. That is the secret. Deeply moisturize and it will go away.”

These 4 Clabane products will help you to do just that by deeply retaining moisture. They will also soothe irritated skin, help to repair your skins barrier and consequently eliminate itching.

Clabane Baby Moisturising Cream

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When babies suffer with eczema, parents suffer too. The Clabane baby moisturising cream will add moisture to uncomfortably dry skin. Without being greasy, it nourishes baby’s irritated or sensitive skin. Apply it generously after bath time and through the day.

It contains:

Shea butter

This is one of the biggest forces in the management of eczema. Shea butter (which may also be labelled as Butyrospermum parkii on our packs) is a rich moisturizer. It will form an oil layer on top of skin which helps to keep moisture in.


Eczema leads to dry and flaky skin which, amongst others, prevents products from reaching the skin to deliver the healing and protection needed. Allantoin helps in the softening and shedding of dead skin cells and in keeping skin smooth. Allantoin also works to soothe injured skin and to aid in wound helping.

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The Clabane Eczema Moisturizing Cream

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Eczema prone skin will tend to be sensitive to a lot of products, with many causing even further irritation. For this reason, in addition to being a rich moisturiser, the Clabane eczema care moisturizing cream, like all the products on this list, is free of dyes, perfumes and parabens.

It contains:

Oat meal

Oat meal holds moisture against the skin, relieving both itching and dry skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties making it an aid in suppressing irritated and itchy skin.

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 does a lot in skin care, from acting as an anti-oxidant to aiding in wound healing. In managing eczema, its ability to prevent water loss makes it a key ingredient. This prevents dry skin and itchiness and helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin. 

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The Clabane Pure Intense Moisture Lotion

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Urea not only absorbs moisture from the environment into the skin, it also seals that moisture in. It is a powerful aid against dry skin.

Hyaluronic acid

A very powerful moisturising agent which is key in maintaining the skin’s water balance.

Read more about Hyaluronic acid and other ingredients in our products here.  

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Clabane Transparent Cleansing Bar

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Gently pat skin dry afterwards, leaving it moist in preparation for any of our rich moisturizing creams.

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