What is Clabane

Clabane is a range of cosmeceuticals that have been formulated specifically for African skin. Our products have been developed from years of experience and research by our dermatologists. African skin is amazingly unique and requires products that tune with our skin’s needs. Read Our Story

Why Clabane?
  • Most skin diseases need long-term maintenance with the daily use of safe, gentle, yet effective products.
  • There is no brand that has focused on sensitive African skin.
  • Most products for sensitive skin are not generally available in Africa
  • Those that are available do not meet the unique needs of African skin, considering the genetic make-up and climate.

At clabane we have a wide range of products that are free from harsh chemicals, parabens and perfumes making them gentle and effective for a sensitive skin. Our products are formulated & tested to meet the unique needs of African sensitive skin.

Read Our Story

What modes of payment do you accept?

We accept payment through Mobile Money, VISA and Cash on Delivery

Do you offer Skin Consultancy Services?

Our customer care is always willing to help. Get in touch with us through our Online Chat service, WhatsApp or call +256 750 748 747 for further information on how you can get your Sensitive Skin related issues addressed.

Where can I find Clabane?

We're located at
Suite 049,
Forest Mall, Level 2
Plot A2, 3A3 Sports Lane, Lugogo By Pass, Kampala
View contact page for more

Do you provide product deliveries and What does it cost to deliver to me?

We provide delivery services at costs that depend on the address or location where the deliveries will be made. After you place your order, our personnel do get in touch with you to agree and organise a delivery.

Does Clabane Bleach?

Clabane products are made from potent organic extracts with proven even-skin tone effect. Clabane products are FREE from hydroquinone and steroids that are known bleaching agents.

How effective are the Products?

Clabane products are formulated by dermatologists, made from approved organic extracts and tested on African skin. The effectiveness depends on the skin condition at hand. All our products are SGS Certified.

What are sunscreens and what is the role of a sunscreen?

Sunscreen are photoprotective topical products that protect the skin from harmful effects of solar UV radiation(sun) like sunburn, suntan, aging and prevent skin cancer. Sunscreens achieve this by either absorbing, reflecting orscattering the UV radiations. Clabane has SPF30 & SPF50 broad spectrum sunscreen.

What is the use of vitamin c serum?

Clabane vitamin c serums are made of naturally extracted vitamin c from fruits to protect the skin from photoaging, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, sagging, dryness, and an uneven skin tone. 

How should I store/keep my vitamin c serum for a long life?

Clabane vitamin c serums are packaged in Dark or opaque bottles (protecting from light), and droppers used rather than pumps (protecting from air) help to increase on-shelf stability. Upon first use, feel free to keep it in your fridge for a longer shelf life.

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