Don’t worry, that pregnancy acne is normal. Here’s how to manage it

Don’t worry, that pregnancy Acne is normal. Here’s how to manage it

Pregnancy can be a beautiful time for some woman. For others, it has some discomfort, one of the most outwardly visible signs of this discomfort being acne.

You get acne during pregnancy because of the increased hormone levels in your body. And while it may seem acute, we advise you to steer away from harsh over the counter medications that may even be remotely harmful to mother or baby. Clabane products are safe and as always, our philosophy is to harness the power of natural ingredients to manage skin problems.

We can help you get a handle on acne in two relatively easy steps. The first step is to reduce the oil production and keep the skin clean. For that you need a wash that is safe and we have 3!

Step.1: Reduce Oil and Dirt on Skin

The Clabane Organics Acne Cleanser

This is by far one of the kindest and yet most effective acne cleansers on the market. It manages to cleanse without over drying. This is a product I use sparingly because I don’t want it to ever get finished. It’s that good. Yes with acne, we want to control oil but we don’t want to leave your skin dry and taut.

The Chamomile extract in this cleanser does two things: its antibacterial properties reduce the bacteria on the skin and help to reduce future breakouts. Secondly, it fights inflammation, meaning it will work very hard to reduce the characteristic swellings brought on by acne.

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Clabane MD Acne Control Cleanser

For a slightly more prevalent acne breakout, get this MD Acne control cleanser. Unlike the CO acne cleanser that has Salicylic acid, this cleanser has Benzoyl peroxide (BP). Quick lesson:  Salicylic acid clears whatever is in your pores, BP kills/targets the acne causing bacteria. You should discuss with your doctor which of these you should use but generally speaking, if you have pustules, reach for the MD acne cleanser. Remember to leave it on face for about 30 seconds before rinsing off.

While acne can be stubborn and you want to treat it firmly, it is on your skin. Despite the fact that you are attacking it, you need to treat your skin with tenderness. Which is where the grape fruit, tea tree extracts and Dead Sea minerals in this cleansers acne. It doesn’t hurt that it feels silky smooth on the

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Clabane Organics Acne Bar

Bacne? We understand. Sometimes, the acne during pregnancy will show up on your back, your chest or your upper arms. Enter the CO acne bar.

This bar can be used on the whole body to manage breakouts on face and body and furthermore, to prevent further breakouts. As an added bonus, it also helps to fade acne scars.

Like the CO acne cleanser, leave the lather on the body for a minute or two before rinsing off.

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Step. 2: Moisturise

Once you have cleansed your skin, add a moisturiser. Your skin is really clever and if you don’t do this step it will take matters into its own hands and produce oil to do just that. This will leave you right where you started: with excess oil and a risk of getting more acne.

Clabane Protect & Refine Face Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 30

Did you know that the sun makes acne worse? (We will discuss this in greater details in another newsletter). Get a moisturiser that also protects you from the sun after cleansing. This moisturizer does just that. As the name suggests, it protects and refines.

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Clabane Organics Acne Control Cream

If you want a moisturiser that keeps working on your acne after you are done washing, then reach for this CO acne clearing cream. This powerhouse helps to:

  • Remove excess oil
  • Restore the skin
  • Soothe irritation
  • Fight dark spots

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