Is your skin giving you grief? Let Clabane skin care fix it

Is your skin giving you grief? Let Clabane skincare fix it

How often do you hear skincare brands throw around words like “natural,” “organic,” and “herbal”, just to get you to buy their products? And, how many times have you been a victim of the false advertising on the labels of these products that always promise to make your skin better?

Chances are, you’ve been struggling with problematic skin for as long as you can remember. Whether it’s pimples, blemishes, acne, oily skin, sensitive skin, dry itchy skin, skin allergies, or whatever your skin concern may be, and my guess is you’re feeling helpless because nothing ever seems to change .

Maybe the eczema your child suffers from has led you to cut out certain foods like meat or diary from their diet, tried several steroid creams and everything else possible , but all in vain. And now you’re hoping that maybe the eczema will just fade away eventually as your child grows.

With countless kinds of skincare products available on the market, it can be very tricky to pick the right product fit for your skin.

But do not despair, what your problematic skin needs is effective “Free of chemicals” skincare.

Enter: Clabane Skin Care

Nature meets science. Clabane organics are purely organic products, exactly what your “hard-to-heal” skin needs, free of perfumes, parabens and dyes that irritate the skin.

The absence of synthetic fragrances or toxic preservatives makes Clabane capable of taking care of skin that gets irritated by fragrances, detergents or chemicals. The products are made specially for the African skin, and are wallet-friendly enough not to dig a hole in your pocket.

To get some answers for your skincare predicaments, I reached out to Ida Ssempereza, Brand Manager, Clabane and skincare expert.

My go-to expert independently selects and recommends the best products because of his/her passion and extensive knowledge about the product/ the field; you can check our, shop or learn more about his/her products/service here:

So, with that in mind, here are a few Clabane organic skincare products that she recommends you to use to replace the products in your or your baby’s current routine.


Happy Customer Reviews:

Customer #1

“I’ve had acne for as long as I can remember . Tried lots of stuff , most of them were very harsh and left my skin very dry and flaky. I tried the acne cleanser, with no expectations really. It’s VERY GENTLE. I need to say that again. It cleans my skin without drying it out.  It’s clearing the rosacea rash I had. I’m glad I took a chance on Clabane 😊. Waiting for the Vitamin C serum anxiously.”– 
Ms. Samantha Atyie

Customer #2

” As a new mum, I was hard pressed to find something that would work for my new born, a lot of the recommendations could not be found locally and were quite expensive so longevity was problem. I didn’t want to take risks with my baby, I struggled until I found Clabane sensitive. I had been struggling with stubborn diaper rash and  neck skin rash due to my little ones drool. Within 3 days I had seen a big change and by day 5 everything was back to normal with perfect skin for my little one. I would recommend this for anyone looking for all natural products for sensitive skin for your little one. To top it all off it’s really affordable and accessible.”
Mrs. Lukwiya Patience

Customer #3

Clabane baby cream has done wonders for my baby boy, he has been having stubborn eczema but since we started using the Clabane baby cream, he has a clear skin. As for the acne and sensitive cleanser am using, I’m now addicted, my skin is so smooth, and clear. There’s a huge difference.” 
Ms. Asiimwe Shirley

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