Don’t want to put up with stretch marks in pregnancy? You don’t have to

Don’t want to put up with stretch marks in pregnancy? You don’t have to

For so long, women have been told to just bear with some of the uncomfortable parts of pregnancy. Swollen feet? Just deal. Discomfort sleeping? What can you do? And of course there are the stretch marks.

While they are medically harmless, some women would rather not put up with them and they don’t have to. With our Clabane Organics Natural skin oil you can considerably reduce the physical appearance and sensation of stretch marks.

But first, why do we get stretch marks?

Stretch marks, as the name suggests, happen when the middle layer of the skin becomes stretched and broken in some places. They can happen to anyone but are common in pregnant women. You may see the red, pink, brown, black or purple lines on your belly, thighs or breasts.

The tendency to stretch depends on a number of things; key of which is how elastic your skin is, that is, how easily it can stretch and snap back.

That is why the first course of management for stretch marks is to: Support and increase your skin’s elasticity.

The Clabane Organics natural skin care oil does both.

The CO natural skin care oil has Coconut oil, Sweet almond extract, Argan oil, Olive oil, Vitamin E and Jojoba seed oil all in one. These natural power houses protect, lubricate and moisturise the skin.

Coconut oil in particular is known for boosting collagen which is responsible for elasticity. And if you are wondering what Squalene is, think of it as that moisturizer that also acts as an anti-oxidant. It’s great for your skin.

Massage this oil into skin for about 15 minutes, twice a day. 

The second course of action is to: Keep the skin moisturised

Stretch marks are harmless but they can be itchy. The itch can range from a mild nuisance to very uncomfortable and is worsened by dry skin. The Clabane natural skin care oil can help to ward off the itchiness by keeping the skin moisturised.

You can also add the Pure intense moisture lotion to your routine. It has Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which helps to lock in moisture, and 10% Urea which helps to draw moisture into the skin. Both will give your entire skin and the areas with stretch marks the hydration you need.

When it comes to stretch marks the best time to begin managing them is BEFORE they appear. Start applying the oil at the early stages of your pregnancy. Once stretch marks are a year old, it will be that much harder to fade them.

It is also important to note that this isn’t a once a month treatment. Consistency over several months is key for best results.

PS: Try drinking more water to relieve swollen feet and a body pillow to ease the discomfort at sleep time.