2 Shades Darker? Let’s help you look like yourself again

2 Shades Darker? Let’s help you look like yourself again

One of the ways you change when you get pregnant is your tummy gets bigger, you get fuller and curves can widen. You expect this but you might not expect to wake up one day and be darker than usual.

This darkening of the face and sometimes other parts of the body during pregnancy is as a result of hormonal changes. It is harmless, does not itch or hurt. With time, after pregnancy, your skin may slowly return to its natural shade.

The skin darkening doesn’t affect the baby but pregnancy isn’t only about the baby. Mothers’ overall wellbeing is of great consideration too. If you wish to eliminate dark patches, darkening, melasma or the mask of pregnancy, Clabane has a way. Naturally, darkening is much more pronounced in darker skin. This is why Clabane crafted formulas to specifically address the condition in African skin.

There are 5 things to know:

1. The sun isn’t really your friend

The darkening occurs when your skin produces an overabundance of pigment. Think of it as having more melanin than usual. When you are exposed to the sun, the areas of your body that have gotten darker will get even darker. Therefore, the first course of management is controlled sun exposure and a sunscreen.

PS. Sunscreen isn’t just for your face. It is for all areas that are exposed to the sun.

2. Vitamin C is your friend

Vitamin C helps to fade dark spots, it helps to even out the skin tone, it’s great for brightening the skin, renewing the skin, removing toxins from the skin, clearing the skin. The list is endless.

Apply it once or twice a day and if you are going out into the sun, apply sunscreen afterwards. Unlike a lot of skin care products whose results will only be realized after a few weeks, those of vitamin C appear really fast. However, to sustain them, there needs to be continued use.

3. You need soap that will help in creating an even skin tone

The Kojic acid cleansing bar GENTLY exfoliates to reveal glowing skin and helps to fade dark marks. Test the soap on a small area of your skin before you use it. This soap can be used on the whole body and for better results, leave the lather on for about a minute before rinsing it off. The soap is absolutely safe for pregnant women and breast feeding mothers.

4. Deploy a hard working pigment correcting cream or serum

The Clabane Repair and Refine Pigment Correcting Cream and serum help to fade dark marks and melasma. They evens skin tone for a clearer, smooth skin and are suitable for all skin types.

The pigment correcting cream has: Vitamin c and Alpha arbutin, which helps to fade dark spots as well as other ingredients which target hyper pigmentation.

When it comes to the serum, you will find Kojyl-APPA –which is more potent refined form of Kojic acid.

Always wear sunscreen.

5. Don’t forget about your body.

Darkening can happen on other parts of the body besides the face. To manage it, use the Clabane Refine & Glow Body milk. This formula helps to fade dark patches and give an even skin tone. And because we know you want maximum comfort, this body milk is non greasy. This means that sweat will minimised. For best results, use this body milk with Kojic bar soap.

For even better results, use these products for a sustained period of time.